Polymer Technology along the process chain: From Pallets to Components

We work in the following areas

  • Special injection molding: foam injection molding (MuCell®), Variotherm®, multi-component injection molding, compression injection molding, injection molding compounding (IMC), silicone injection molding (LSR)
  • Particle foams (EPP, EPS, E-TPU and Co-Polymers)
  • High-performance composites:
    • Thermoplastic composites
    • Combined processes: organic sheets and injection molding (LFT)
  • Additive manufacturing:
    • Powder based techniques (SLS, HP-MJF)
    • 3D-Scannind and CAD
    • Extrusion techniques (filament extrusion, FFF)
  • Extrusion technology:
    • Foam extrusion in foils and blocks
    • Compounding of granulates
  • Structural investigations: microscopy, tomography
  • Characterization: mechanical testing, warpage, thermoanalysis, rheology
  • Surface analysis: optic, haptic, adhesion
  • Pendulum tests

Our work focuses on the development of novel materials for lightweight construction, the processing procedures and the investigation of structure to property relations. We especially concentrate on tailored compounds made of foamed and fiber reinforced polymers as well as material combinations.

Hence, we can provide the polymers industry with suited materials for specific applications, a robust manufacturing process and predictions on the component properties. The basis of this, is our strategy of development along the whole value chain from the selection of the materials over the component design and tailored manufacturing concepts to the making of prototypes on an industrial scale machinery. With the help of structural clarification and material and component analysis a credible statement about the final quality of the product becomes possible.

During the development, our knowledge of material science, our experience with modern machines for polymer processing and well-equipped laboratories are coming together. In addition to the developments, we also perform mold validations in the areas of injection molding and particle foam processing.

Service Portfolio:

  • Development of materials for light weight constructions on the basis of foamed and/or fiber reinforced thermoplastics
  • Development and optimization of innovative, cost-efficient and highly automatized manufacturing processes
  • Determination of structure-property relationships

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