Material Analytics and Component Testing from a single Source

Texture and structural analysis

  • Metallography
  • Light microscope
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM): EDX, EBSD, in-situ fracture analysis tensile/compression
  • Tomography
  • Diffraction

Material analysis

  • Optical emission spectroscopy: Fe-, Ni-, Cu-, Ti-, Al-, Mg-, Sn-Alloys

Property analysis

  • Surface analysis: haptic, optics, adhesion
  • Mechanical testing: static and dynamic fracture-mechanic tests, tensile and compression tests, hardness measurement, impact and pendulum tests, creep experiments
  • Thermal analysis: DSC, DMA, FTIR, rheology, penetration

Deformation analysis

  • Optical measurements for component testing with a 3D-scanner (ARAMIS, ATOS, ARGUS)

We offer wide-rang of services for material analysis and component testing for metallic and polymeric materials. In this matter, we cooperate closely with the University of Bayreuth. The top equipment of our laboratories and the experience of our employees enable us to perform cutting-edge analysis and testing procedures, including computer aided evaluation and post-processing.

The investigations can be conducted on specimen or components. For individual demands, it is even possible to develop new testing concepts.

The reproducibility of measurement results is very much dependent on the quality of the tested specimen. For the manufacturing of such standardized specimen, machineries such as a water-jet cutting system, are available.