The Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH (NMB)

Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH provides R&D for innovative materials and processes for industrial application. We are an independent, non-academic research institution for the development of novel material variants and associated energy-efficient processing methods in the field of lightweight construction for polymers, metals and composites. We provide sustainable, application-oriented solutions in order to optimize existing materials and production processes.

Core feature is our highly modern plant technology that enables R&D and prototyping both on an industrial and laboratory scale. We also offer a comprehensive range of services like Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and materials analysis / component testing based on latest processes and laboratory technology.

In addition to R&D for industrial partners in direct cooperation or as part of publicly funded joint projects, NMB also offers contract manufacturing for proto-type and small series as well as tool sampling.

Furthermore, NMB provides profit by synergy effects of an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge between our materials science engineering experts in the fields of polymers and metals. Based on close cooperation with chairs of materials science at the University of Bayreuth, the project partners benefit from technology transfer from basic research to applied development.

This approach results in ready-to-use and profitable solutions “made by NMB”.

Main areas of work are particle foaming, injection molding (especially foam injection molding), fibre-reinforced polymers, polymer-metal hybrids, thermal spraying (arc spraying, cold gas), metal forming (hydroforming and press hardening), production of novel metal powders as well as additive manufacturing with polymers and metals.

Our Expertise

  • Materials expertise for metals and polymers from one provider
  • Process development for lightweight design and large scale production
  • Highly integrated lightweight components
  • Particle foam process technology
  • Thermoplastic foam injection molding
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Coating processes – Material combination
  • Intelligent fully automatic forming processes
  • From substance to component
  • Process-accompanying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)”
  • Material Analysis

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