We have great expertise in the following processes:

  • Special injection molding processes
  • Fiber-reinforced Composites
  • Particle foam Processes
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Thermal Arc Spraying
  • Hot forming based on contact heat treatment for high-strength metal blancs

We develop novel material systems and optimized processes within the material classes of plastics, composites and metals for lightweight construction. For this purpose, we are equipped with highly modern machinery in industry scale. Outcomes are very robust and efficient manufacturing processes, which are perfectly adapted to specific materials. Additionally, we can provide reliable predictions on the final material properties of the manufactured compone

With our manufacturing processes, we focus on foamed and fiber-reinforced plastics and composites, as well as high strength steels and lightweight construction alloys. In addition to research, we also provide mold validations and accept orders for prototypes and small series productions.