Additive Manufacturing

Highly complex components which cannot be made by conventional methods can be produced tool-less with the help of additive manufacturing. These techniques are especially thought for rapid prototyping, to create models and prototypes quickly. It is also an attractive approach to create parts of highly complex geometries (for instance tools or mold inlays with heating/cooling channels close to the cavities), where conventional manufacturing processes reach their limits, e.g. undercutting.

For Selective Laser Beam Melting we provide one Mlab cusing R-machine by CONCEPT Laser. With this technology, it is possible to create components additively (layer by layer) within a volume of 250 x 250 x 170 mm made of a large range of alloys.

Furthermore we develop innovative processes, which especially allow the manufacturing of relatively large parts. The basic approach of our in-house developed technique called Plate Press Brazing is to use metal sheets to produce layered structures. That allows high layer building rates, a dense and robust structure of the components and relatively fast and a cost efficient manufacturing process.

Both techniques are used for research and development on one hand but also for contract manufacturing of prototypes, pilot production and mini-series.



Service Portfolio:

  • Development of high-performace processes for additive manufacturing
  • Analyses and optimization of processability of alloys for Laser Beam Melting
  • Contract manufacturing of prototypes and small series productions by Selective Laser Beam Melting