Thermal Spray

Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which raw materials are sprayed onto component surfaces using thermal energy or kinetic energy. The thermally sprayed coatings provide protection against high temperature, corrosion, erosion, wear. They can also change the electrical or tribological properties of the component surface.

Arc Spraying Process

For us, thermal arc spraying is a high-performance wire spraying technology that profits from a comparatively low thermal stress for the substrate. It is a technology that allows metallic surface coatings even on temperature-sensitive substrates like expanded polypropylene (EPP) or further foamed polymers.

Using thermal arc spraying we focus on the development of multi materials systems to functionalize polymer components by coatings of metallic layers. Another field of activities is creation of innovative heating systems for 3d surfaces. Furthermore, we develop processes to manufacture geometrically flexible, conformal and near-surface tempering systems for toolings.

Low Pressure Cold Spray

In cold spraying, particles are accelerated and heated by the carrier gas forced through a converging-diverging de Laval type nozzle. Compared to other conventional spray methods, the particles form a very dense coating via plastic deformation instead of melting.

Cold spray process is ideally suitable for producing oxide-free and thick metallic coating up to several millimeters. We develop coating and coating systems based on cold spray for various applications, such as metallization of plastic component, manufacturing of conformal and near-surface tempering system. Furthermore, this process can also be used for reparation of various minor damage on components such as dents, bumps, scratches, cracks, etc.

Out process equiment

Service Portfolio:

  • Functionalization of polymer components by metallic coating solutions
  • Development of conformal tempering systems for toolings
  • Development of innovative 3d-heating systems
  • Contract manufacturing with thermal arc spraying technology

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